Just one step away

from starting your career!

Just one step away

from starting your career!

The Middle and High School program, equivalent to high school in the Spanish educational system, is based on the knowledge and development of the skills necessary for our students to face the real world successfully. As an American school, ASLP emphasizes academic excellence and prepares future graduates for post-secondary opportunities.

At ASLP, we offer a comprehensive educational program that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and resilience in order to provide the student with a rigorous academic experience.

Learning during this stage, as it is for all ASLP students, is 100% in English.

Students are expected to engage in dialogue, debates, role-playing and teamwork in order to demonstrate their learning, problem-solve and practice their new skills and knowledge as part of the community.

Personalized learning with solid theoretical and practical knowledge.

Encourages creativity in all its forms of expression

Research, critical and ethical thinking.

Development of dialogue and oral presentations in public.

Integration of new technologies in the classroom.

Social Emotional Learning with students from different countries and cultures.

By the end of High School, our students will have learned and internalized the use of a broad set of strategies and tools necessary to face new challenges and requirements at the next academic level: university. In addition, they will have the knowledge and skills for conflict resolution in daily life and will become positive, productive and contributing members of society.

All students graduate from ASLP with an American High School Diploma which is accepted at universities all over the world. Students can also opt to prepare for the Spanish University system through exam preparation courses for the PCE.

This is in addition to fulfilling their High School Diploma requirements. In addition to their academic studies, students also must complete 75 hours of community service. Students prepare for university studies through the AP (Advanced Placement) program, a college preparatory program that allows them to obtain credits for American and European universities.

Students receive individualized college counseling as part of their support at ASLP. College counselors meet with every student and family to guide them through the college process, from selection to application, financial aid and acceptance.

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ASLP is an Eco-School

As a school community we all agree that there is a need to pay better attention to our environment and to protect and preserve our environmental resources. Reducing carbon footprints, using green power, saving energy and recycling, are all issues that many communities face in their daily lives. Committing personally and as a whole community to greater environmental consciousness is one of the most important things that we can do as a school.

What does it mean to be an Eco-School?

Creating a whole school Eco-policy is not only beneficial for enhancing an overall sense of community and environmental awareness, it is the right decision to make as a center for learning. The American School of Las Palmas makes a commitment to our students and to the environment by educating our staff, students and parents and by helping to enhance awareness of these issues:

  • Energy Conservation
  • Waste Minimization
  • Ecological Literacy

Our school community strives for Zero Waste through the use of recyclable materials and reusable bottles and containers. We ask that all members of our community pledge to reduce, reuse and recycle!

Eco-School Recognition

We have received official recognition from the International Eco-School organization and we proudly display our Eco-School green flag to the world. We recently participated in the Eco-School audit and we have received, once again, our official status as an Eco-School.

The Eco-Action Teams and the Eco-Council

Pre-school and Elementary school have Eco-action teams made up of students and teachers who meet regularly to come up with ideas and projects to promote environmental awareness, energy and waste reduction.

In Middle and Upper school we have an Eco-Council with members elected to represent each grade. All these teams together will form a whole school Eco-Council along with other members of the wider school community.

This prestigious anti-bullying program, developed by the Finnish Ministry of Education, has demonstrated effectiveness in rigorous scientific studies. This program aims to prevent bullying and effectively tackle the root of the issue which unfortunately are so common in schools. Our students are an active part of the program and learn how to manage their emotions based on respect and tolerance in order to promote understanding and social sensitivity.

Model United Nations is a forum for students to come together from around the world to debate real-world problems. The most important of these opportunities is The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) event which is organized in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Every year, the American School of Las Palmas has the privilege of sending students as delegates to the MUN programs. 3,500 students participate from all over the world in the annual conference held during the last week of January. Each school sends a team of delegates who take part in representing a country in a simulation of the United Nations.

Before attending the conference, the students participate in intensive courses outlining the functions, procedures and points of interest of the United Nations as well as researching the country assigned to them. The students who participate in MUN receive an academic credit for their work.

The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Growth Assessment allows us to evaluate student progress, three times a year, in the areas of reading and mathematics from Kindergarten to Second Grade. Starting in Third Grade, we also assess language usage. This tool provides us with real-time, accurate information about each student, thus supporting teachers and students in their common goal: to learn at their highest level.

MAP Growth is not a standardized evaluation experience; it is personalized and flexible. The program identifies and adapts to the level of academic difficulty that the student is able to manage, regardless of the course. This type of assessment challenges the highest performing students without overwhelming those whose skills are below grade level. In addition, each student can take the time they need to finish the test, it can be completed in more than one sitting or even on different days. Likewise, MAP Growth includes a series of accommodations for students with specific educational and/or academic needs. The MAP Growth Assessment is used for grades Kindergarten through 10th grade at ASLP. Families receive a student growth report after each administration and students set SMART goals with their teachers. These goals are then monitored throughout the year with students able to chart their own progress and reflect on their goals.

ASLP requires its students to successfully carry out a commitment to the community outside of the normal activities of the school. A minimum of 75 hours must be completed prior to graduation. Beginning in 9th Grade, students begin to accumulate Community Service hours of work in order to complete the required credit. High school students engage in service learning experiences both inside and outside of the school. In the past, students have volunteered in their community at various organizations, such as the Red Cross and Parkinson’s Center. Students also devote service hours to supporting the school community through performing tasks around the school, working in an elementary classroom or volunteering for after school events and activities.

From 9th to 12th grade, all students receive preparation, orientation and help in choosing a post-secondary pathway. Students complete an orientation assessment that will help them choose the courses and degrees that will provide more options for the future. Students receive a personalized plan when families meet with College Counselors.

Furthermore, students in 11th and 12th grade take a College Counseling class once a week. This will help them to choose a university in the US, Canada, Europe or Asia, for example. We recommend that 11th grade students take the SAT exam in the Spring of their Junior year and then repeat it in the fall if they need to. Students may also take Advanced Placement exams in a variety of subjects, potentially providing university credit. Students wishing to pursue their studies in Spanish universities will receive college advising services tailored to their needs. It is the responsibility of the student and families to make decisions about post-secondary options.

We also offer the TOEFL exam for those students who are learning English at a high level. Students that wish to take this exam must do so in the spring of 11th grade. The Counseling Department organizes information sessions, Career Nights and ‘open house’ days with universities and meetings with the students and their parents.

All 5th to 10th grade ASLP students are part of the iPad program and will use their iPads as a tool for, of, and as learning.

We have integrated iPads into the learning process to promote proficient users, independent learners, critical thinkers, and creative individuals and partners. By the end of Middle School, students will demonstrate proficient conceptual understanding, capacity and competence in the use of this digital tool and its primary resources:

  • Visual Thinking.
  • Mental Mapping.
  • Gamification.
  • Flipped Classroom dynamics.
  • Audiovisual Creation.

ASLP partners with Banana Computer to offer families a complete iPad package. Families purchase an iPad directly from Banana Computer and it is configured for our school’s program. Students are then responsible for bringing their iPad to school, using it appropriately in the classroom and on campus as well as making sure that it is kept in good working order.

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