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Lunch room

At The American School of Las Palmas student nutrition is important. We teach healthy habits including the incorporation of a varied and balanced diet. Our cafeteria provides a healthy, hot lunch every day.

The menus are designed following the foundations of the Mediterranean diet with products of excellent quality sourced locally whenever possible. Menus are prepared by nutritionists and health experts.

The daily menu is available for families and students so that they are aware of the different meal plans and dishes prepared by the on-site kitchen staff. Of course, food allergies and intolerances will always be taken into account for those students who suffer from them.

ASLP- Comedor

The cafeteria staff are in charge of supervising the cafeteria in our facilities. Their function is purely educational so that students can learn good habits and implement them in their daily diet. As well as supervising students at all times so that they can eat in a comfortable and quiet environment.

In addition to the usual daily menu, at ASLP we also prepare alternative and personalized menus for those students with special dietary needs or who follow special diets and regimes.

From here you can download the monthly menu to understand what your children’s lunchtime meal each day.

If you are interested in the school cafeteria service, do not hesitate to contact the administration team so that we can give you the details about the different menus and plans at our school.

Thanks to our cafeteria service our students learn to value the importance of having a sound, healthy and balanced diet.

​Support your children’s growth and development with the advantages of an American education.

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