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In our opinion when becomes to learn a foreign language students should develop their learning in an international environment not only to be able to express themselves in a different language, but also to understand a different culture so necessary in this new era where borders are blurring at great speed breaking down barriers. global environment in which borders are blurring at a rapid pace, which makes the necessary to know, value and understand other cultures.

With the focus on the importance of internationalization

we offer the following services covering a wide range of abroad experiences such as:

Exchange programs in England, Germany and France.

Academic year in England, Ireland, Canada, USA.

Summer courses in England, France or Germany.


Through our international department, INNOVA INTERNATIONAL, we offer the possibility for students to apply for a term, semester or full academic year in Ireland, United Kingdom, Canadá or USA.

Students can choose from a term, semester, or full academic year. We work directly with schools and agents to fully provide a unique experience for whatever the duration of the stay is chosen.

Students will get to know not only a second language but a different culture, a place where they will make new friends and will teach them about diversity, an enriching experience that will have a significant impact on their lives. An enriching experience that will have a significant impact on their lives.

Ana Larrumbide
International Business Director Innova International

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