The small school with

a big heart

The American School of Las Palmas (ASLP) was founded in 1967 to offer every student in Gran Canaria the opportunity to study in an American school and to feel, first hand, the great experience of being part of the American educational model. The campus is located in the beautiful region of Los Hoyos in the middle of a natural, rural landscape 15 minutes from the city of Las Palmas.

An educational


In a supportive and caring environment, we educate young people to be critical thinkers and creative problem solvers capable of designing their own destiny while having a positive impact on our world.

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vision, philosophy and values

Quality education that makes us the benchmark American educational system in the Canary Islands.

Student Profile
The American School of Las Palmas

Learning styles


With the student at the center of the teaching and learning process, we always consider the knowledge and skills they already possess. We co-construct the learning process with the student, understanding their strengths, skills and needs.


From an open and global vision of the world around us, the student develops a critical, creative and intellectually curious spirit.


Working in a team, the student achieves both individual and shared learning goals and objectives, taking responsibility for his/her own development, as well as that of the team members. The teachers assume the role of facilitating, engaging and guiding the process, with the student being at the center at all times.


Through social emotional education, students are able to identify and manage their own emotions, allowing for the development of self-reflective skills, attitudes and habits.


guiding principles

The teacher is a facilitator of student learning.

Learning is a reflective lifelong process to awaken and develop purposeful values, skills, and knowledge.

As learners we grow our understanding and capacity to engage meaningfully with ourselves and have a positive impact on the world around us. We believe in Learning By Doing!

​Support your children’s growth and development with the advantages of an American education.

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