vision, philosophy and values

The comprehensive development of the whole child is as important as content knowledge competence and academic skills capacity. Our understanding is that competence and capacity are founded in intrapersonal and interpersonal understanding and commitment. It is therefore essential that our young and adult learners at ASLP build strong self-concepts, awareness, autonomy, efficacy and integrity while developing an invigorating enthusiasm for life with empathetic cooperation, respect and tolerance.

We believe that learners need to be able to make sense of the vast array of events and information in this increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous world. The person that can effectively transfer and use conceptual understandings, languages, skills, and processes is a critical thinker, creative problem-solver, and active learner. Through assessing the 4C’s: Critical Thinking, Communication, Content Understanding, and Creativity, we support our learners in developing these fundamental skills for the 21st century.

We believe that every member of ASLP’s community, should be aware of the interdependence of human beings and societies in a global community, and understand their personal responsibility for the community and the environment.

ASLP - Un proyecto educativo comprometido con los alumnos y sus familias

An educational program committed to our students and families

ASLP’s mission is to foster curiosity, respect, innovation, and creativity by facilitating challenging learning experiences in a community of kindness.

Our mission commitment is implemented through an innovative, research-based and differentiated methodological model, with the fundamental aim of ensuring that every student learns at their highest level and is prepared for higher education in the USA, Spain or anywhere else in the world. Aware that we live in an increasingly complex society, our learners develop the necessary skills to manage with integrity the personal, social, and professional challenges that they will inevitably have to face.

Competitive students in the working world

A unique journey that will develop their skills for a post-secondary educational experience. Our students will learn and acquire the necessary tools to successfully face everyday life situations, bringing out the maximum potential in each one so that they develop into people committed to society.

ASLP - Alumnos competitivos en el mundo laboral
ASLP - Valores del modelo educativo americano de ASLP

Values of the ASLP American educational model

Committed to excellence and the whole child.

Collective educational ethics.

Unity between families and the teaching staff.

Transparent and continuous communication.

Quality American education.

We believe in the development of lifelong learners.

Development of personal and academic values.

Students 100% prepared for university life.

​Support your children’s growth and development with the advantages of an American education.

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