Extracurricular activities

ASLP Academy

ASLP Spanish Academy

Support classes for those students who would like to advance more quickly on their path to learning Spanish with a focus on understanding and communicating. This after-school activity is highly recommended for all foreign students attending the American School of Las Palmas. The objective will be to work towards taking standard Spanish exams at the end of the school year.

Days: Monday and Wednesday.
Grades: All grades.
Price: 49€ month.

«Recommended for those students who need extra support or who would benefit from some help with their homework.»

Cambridge Exam Preparation​

Exam preparation for those who want to improve their English skills is now available at school. If your son/daughter needs to pass an official exam: Key English Test (KET), the Preliminary English Test (PET), the First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate of Advanced in English (CAE) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE), we can provide you the support you need.

During the Cambridge preparation lessons, the students will take official practice tests, learn the best exam techniques, and improve general level of English. Students will have the opportunity to take mock written and speaking exams which will help them to know when they are ready to take the official exam. Our exam preparation courses are taught by qualified teachers who are experienced in preparing students for the Cambridge ESOL exam.
The classes are dynamic and practical, focused on the knowledge and skills needed.
Students will:

  • Learn techniques for doing the reading comprehension quickly and efficiently
  • Understand how to perform different writing tasks such as narratives, reports, letters, email and article.
  • Become familiar with each of the Use of English exercises, develop strategies to improve accuracy and review the necessary grammar and vocabulary at each corresponding level.
  • Develop skills for the listening comprehension paper.
  • Learn how to perform to the best of his/her ability in the speaking exam.

Days: Tuesdays and Thursday.
Grades: Middle and Upper School..
Price: 49€ month.

​Support your children’s growth and development with the advantages of an American education.

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